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I'm a bit dissapointed with my fellow FAGS. We haven't been up to much lately soooooooOOOOOOOOOO

Tomorrow night we're all seeing RENT then going to like Brewed or something like that. And yes, I know Tara Jane you're working. Sooo afterwards we'll all sleep over Nick's house where Kilian and I will come down with a bad case of AIDS and have to leave/"better people" Tara Jane at the sleepover like she has done to BOTH Kilian and I. And she will have no choice to sleep with Caley and Eloise while Nick acts like a bitch, sleeps by himself and then early in the morning eloise will pester them, caley laughs, plays ringtones, all that good shit.

Nick will be like, "Get the fuck out of my house I wanna watch Charmed!"
and tara jane will be like, "No! I'm poor and my next blow-job appointment isn't till 4!"
and this is where nick will beat her with a nearby object (i.e. phone, stapler, eloise)

All during the while Kilian, Kerry, Cassidy, and I enjoy a girl's night out featuring Margheritas.

All in good fun of course.

Weave out.
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