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I just can't wait til spring to i made an outfit to remind me of it.

click for larger viewPants, nice wash, not overly done. Gives a nice cool destructed/worn look. Dark blends with nice top.

A nice oxford, weather flexible. Nice choice of spring color, its a bold color coming from winter but arranges itself in the season.

  I really liked this belt. I think it has very bold color choice but works surprisinly enough. Classic ribbon belt.

Main Image And finally a pair of flip flops. The under coloring is bold but not over-done. It seems to fit overall with the outfit itselve.

Thats what I love about spring/summer. What you wear can be SOOOOOO simple in articles but look like fucking awesome. I think i need to go shopping with caley and nick on friday...

Today was a me day...i do a lot of shit for me that i would usually do whenever i stay home sick from school. i think only tara jane would understand...

Wow, i think the fun and game squad really needs to do something. Like...go to public places and do crazy shit. I'm just in that kind of mood. I really think we should have a runway show. Wow! That is a really good idea. I really like it! We could have designers and models and have a fucking good time. Wow, i really want to do that...

Anyways, Project Runway finale tonight bitches! Watch it! It's New York Fashion week so get some ideas!

Comment and make your own outfit, i want to see.

Also, whoevers good with lj shit PLEASE do a makeover of my journal and make it pretty for me!!! I would be sooooooo grateful and crown you an honorary FAGS member!!!

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