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Hey bitches? Guess who's here? SPRING!

Let's get out those sandals. But do you know if u want to wear you're sandals in the water be sure to wear one-piecers without seams. That's your best bet for water-proofed sandals.

Also another best kept secret of Spring, pastel knits could make such a difference in your outfit. I'd stay steer away from the norm and set your own trends at school. A nice pastel green knits could really stand out in the halls.

Spring is all about layers. It's not yet summer so things can get a bit chilly. Try layering. Don't try to match all your layers. It's not about matching, it's about coordinating. Try different textures on each other or colors that don't match but have similar shades or even different patterns. This invites all eyes on you, and as we know it, it is all about you.

Jeans. Simple enough? WRONG! Stay clear of the prepped clean look jeans this spring. After months of cold winter those jeans should be worn by now. If not try some easy tricks to get the perfect "worn" look. Try distressing them with an everyday cheese-grate which will give them a really "grate" look. Or try washing them with a bit of rock-salt in the washer to get the look.

Spring is about the sun too. Try wearing lighter top-colors to pick up those natural highlights that should come in. Also experiment with sunglasses. You're face is a piece of art and it deserves to look like one, sunglasses take the stress of the eyes reducing later wrinkles.

Here's a little tip for you athletees-When buying the matching velour tracksuit...stop! Put it back bitches!

Just remember FAGS, belt it out. A bright belt will really add that flash of color.

I get too worked up for things...
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